Thursday, 14 May 2009

Bad Service at Boots

Why is it when you are just browsing the sales assistants come and ask you if you need any help but when you actually want to buy something there are no sales assistants in 100 mile radius!! Aggghhhhh!!!! Today I went to one of my local Boots to buy some Estee Lauder and get the Gift Time gift. I had more or less decided what I wanted, however I swatched a few items just to make sure I was choosing the right items. I was there long enough to cover the back of my hand in many swatches (see pics). I even left the EL counter and had a quick look at the make up isle and back to EL. Still no sign of a sales assistant or an EL assistant.

I ended up leaving empty handed. Sure my purse will thank me but I'm so annoyed at the crap service (ie no service) I received today.
Anyone else have any recent bad experiences at a make up counter?

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  1. yes I did yesterday at MAC when I was shopping there - admittedly one girl was serving someone else with a make over - but one chick was just sorting products behind the sales desk! I couldn't believe that she didn't come to help me - finally the girl doing the make over came to help me - and it's true, always when you don't wanna buy they try to help and when you do they are nowhere to be seen. Go to another place for your EL - don't give up :)



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