Monday, 4 May 2009

My New Brows

My eyebrows were in need of some attention (as were other parts of me lol) so at the weekend I had a waxing session. I also tinted my brows and lashes. I took a bit more off my brows than normal so that they are thinner than usual at the inner corner. I'm very pleased with the result. I am also wearing my new Wet n Wild eyeshadow here.


  1. Nice brows!! I wouldnt dare wax or tint my own!!lol.
    So how come you wont colour your own hair then?

  2. @Happy1234 I trained as a Beauty Therapist so this is easy for me. I'm far too chicken to dye my own hair. I have a great fear of it turning green or falling out or some great disaster lol!!

  3. Im sure it wouldnt do that!! lol. Give it a go!!

  4. lol - you are cute! I wouldn't dare waxing my own brows, but I dye my hair (and highlight it too sometimes) all the time! Isn't it funny what little boxes we put ourselves into with certain things?



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