Friday, 1 May 2009

Primark Make Up and a new Bag

I was on a bit of a spending spree today. I decided that I need a big bag. I'm usually a tiny, non existent sort of bag person but lately I have been lusting after big bags. Today I found the perfect one. It's a good size and was only £10. It's by F&F at Tesco. I just have to move my stuff into it. Although come to think of it the contents of my tiny bag will be lost in there. I'm sure it won't be long til it's filled with all sorts of rubbish lol!!

So I also picked up some of the Primark make up. It's such a bargain at £1 per item. I got a palette (well I had to make up for not finding the Sleek palette didn't I? (see previous post)) and some pigments. The pigment jars come in packs of 2 so effectively they are 50p each. I'll report back soon on how I get on.

Anyone else tried Primark make up?


  1. Never tried Primark mae-up, never actually seen any before - is it a new thing? The bag is nice :)

  2. @Happy1234 I think the Primark make up is relatively new. I've bought a few thing before this. It's great for trying out colours without breaking the bank.

  3. i also am going to try it out tommorrow with my best friends we are ganna sooooooooo goooooo to primark . REPORT BACK!!! lol

  4. I also want to go with my friends to by mascara my sister is so going to get jealous i love doing that to her. lol



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