Tuesday, 12 May 2009

A Different Kind of Beauty and a Dilemma

Well summer may have arrived in the last few days so I thought I'd share some pitures of my wee country with you. Like anywhere in the world it is glorious in the sunshine! These pics were taken yesterday afternoon on a drive on the Ard Peninsula, looking out over Strangford Lough. You can see Scrabo tower in the last picture. I hope you enjoy!

Now for my dilemma. As you know I have pledged (again) to Project 10 Pan. Yesterday I got one of those postcards from Estee Lauder at Boots about the Gift Time starting on Thursday. These promotions are my big downfall and I'm now thinking about what I can buy to get it. I have no will power lol!


  1. Well.. i think as you even tried to do project 10 pan.. it shows progression with the make-up addiction and that you should therefor treat yourself. :)
    As you can probably see I also have no willpower!

  2. @Tali I love your way of thinking!! It's a lot like mine lol! I probably will talk myself into it. I need an injection of willpower lol!

  3. lol! I am not even going anywhere near project 10 pan - there are too many nice things in the upcoming MAC collections, and not to mention the stuff I want from Spell Cosmetics. If I pledged Project 10 Pan I wouldn't be able to buy any more make up for at least a year - I don't go through things so quickly - and besides who wants to rush through nice products just so you can say you did Project 10 Pan? not me!

  4. @jassydevil well said!! I'll get the Estee Lauder stuff I want and not worry about Project 10 Pan. Maybe some day soon I'll manage Project 1 Pan lol!

  5. project 1 pan! now that's more realistic hehehe :)



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