Friday, 1 May 2009

Just For Fun

Today I went on a quest for the Sleek Palette. It wasn't in my local Superdrug and I'm sure I have seen it somewhere in real life lately. Anyway I decided to visit the Superdrug in the next town, convincing myself that it must have been there (how sad am i? lol!). It wasn't there either but there was a Primark so I decided to get the kids some summer stuff. My little girl (who is 4) saw a fake hair type thing. It's like a bobble with hair coming out if it. She really wanted it and as it was only £1 I got it for her. When I got home I thought it would be fun to try it out. So here I am in all my £1 fake hair glory.

From the back it looks ridiculous as there isn't enough hair to hide my own hair but I had good fun prancing around the house in it for a while. Just have to remember not to go out in it though! It was nice to have the feel of long hair and now I want to grow mine again.

The sunglasses I bought to actually wear outside. I'm not really a sunglasses person but these were £2 so I couldn't resist!!


  1. I'm also on the hunt for the Sleek palette! I went into Superdrug yesterday and they didn't stock Sleek but said the other one in town did- so I am off to visit it today! Fingers crossed!

  2. @Daisy Good luck finding it! Let me know what you think of it and if it's worth buying.

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  4. love the sunglasses - sexy Mama! :D



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