Thursday, 30 April 2009

8 Things Tag

I was tagged by the lovely Happy1234 for this. This is my first ever tag!! Hooray!

8 Thngs I Look Forward To

1. My days off
2. Going on holiday with my family
3. Getting into bed after a long day/hard nightshift
4. Dinner (food in general)
5. Going to concerts (especially Bon Jovi and Def Leppard)
6. Getting kids to bed for some peace and quiet (I'm usually not too far behind them!)
7. Reading a good book
8. A nice cup of tea

8 Things I did Yesterday

1. Went shopping at the local market
2. Used Boots points for some Natural Collection
3. Went to Superdrug for some Eyeko
4. Made chicken chow mein for dinner (Jamie Oliver's recipe)
5. Walked to pick child up from school
6. Posted new blog posts
7. Put some Spandau Ballet on my phone (in preparation for the concert in Oct)
8. Painted my nails

8 Things I Wish I Could Do

1. Jump out of an aeroplane (if I got the chance I know I'd have to be pushed!!)
2. Visit Australia
3. Visit USA
4. Be more organised
5. Dive (off a board rather than deep sea diving)
6. Be a better cook
7. Stick to a realistic budget
8. Use up at least some of the make up I own lol!

8 Shows I Watch

1. Friends
2. Simpsons
3. Deal Or No Deal
4. The Paul O'Grady Show
5. This Morning
6. Loose Women
7. Homes Under The Hammer
8. Local news programmes

I tag these 8 bloggers

(sorry if you have already been tagged)

1. Dazzledust25
2.Kerry Loves Mac
3. Love Lipstick and Lime
4. Oxford Jasmine
5. rainbowdust33
6. lipgloss86
7. dressjunkie
8. Princess Sparkles Rambles


  1. YAY you done this fast lol. Greta list by the way :)

  2. Great tag :)
    Thanks for tagging me



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