Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Nars Haul

I have never owned a Nars product before or even tried one. So I guess it was only a matter of time before I was tempted what with all the mentions of Nars on Blogger and on YouTube.
Last week I went to Space NK in Belfast. I have never been in a Space NK before. It looks so organised and clean and pristine from the outside that I have never relished the thought of going in with my kids in tow lol. However the lure of Nars became too strong and I braved it with my kids. They were very well behaved (the promise of going to Build a Bear helped a bit) and the girl who served me was so nice and very helpful.
I wanted Laguna, Sabrina, Orgasm powder blush and orgasm multiple. I managed to get a set with orgasm blusher and laguna together with an orgasm nail polish. I also got the multiple but they didn't have Sabrina lip balm. The girl told me if I called the Space NK mail order line that they would send it out to me with free postage. So as soon as I got home I phoned and it arrived 2 days later. I thought this was a great service and was glad not to have to pay postage as it was a fiver!! Here are my pics of what I got.
What are your favourite Nars products?


  1. NARS shoud come with a warning - highly addictive lol! I love the blush in sin and taos, and also the highlighter in albatros is amazing!

  2. @mizzworthy oooh I've heard of albatros. I must put in on my wish list!! Will have a look at those blushers too. Thanks!!

  3. Im so glad you bought your first Nars products, You are lucky to get the duo. You HAVE to get Albatross now and you will see what we are all raving about!!

  4. A fellow Northern Irish person! :) I'm just catching up on your videos. Check my blog out if you haven't already, I think you'd enjoy it xxx http://dressjunkie.com/

  5. I love love love NARs. My favorite blushes - Sin, Cactus Flower and Dolce Vita. I love the lipglosses too -- Risky Business, Dolce Vita and Bad Education...and then the eyeshadows...NARs is highly addictive as mizzworthy said...



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