Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Clinique Bonus Time

I love Clinique Products but I always wait for a Bonus Time to be on before I purchase. My patience has been well rewarded this time. My local counter has a Bonus Time on now and I needed to buy (yes I actually did need this stuff lol) an All About Eyes eye cream (my HG of eye creams) and a bottle of brush cleanser. I spent £30.50 on these 2 items.

So I got the following freebies (yeah!! I love free stuff!!). It is presented in a lovely make up bag this time (I've got like a million Bonus Time make up bags but another one is always welcomed into my home lol). The make up bag is very pretty. Lovely for summer. It contained a bottle of Happy perfume (love it and have a big bottle of it), Dramatically Different Moisturising Lotion (can't go wrong there), Rinse-off Foaming cleanser (love it and it's one I keep coming back to), Moisture Surge extended Thirst Relief (never tried it but it sounds like something I would love), High Impact Mascara (again can't go wrong), Full Potential Lips Plump and Shine Lip Gloss (love this stuff too and this is a colour I haven't tried before).

I am very happy with my stuff and am glad I waited for Bonus Time. Do you like Bonus Time (at Clinique or elsewhere)? Would you wait for something that you needed just to get the freebies?


  1. I have never tried Clinique stuff and have been looking at the dramatically different stiff. Please let me know what its like!! x

  2. I LOVE bonus time at Clinique - as I have used their make up and skin care for quite a while now - Clinique skin care fixed my adult onset acne - now I just have the scarring and redness left from it to deal with :)

    Happy1234 - The Clinique Dramatically Different Lotions are amazing! They go on really easily and soak into the skin beautifully. the only downside for me is that you can't get them with sunscreen in them - being an Aussie it's imperative to me to wear sunscreen every day :)



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