Monday, 6 April 2009

Update on Dove Summer Glow Body Lotion

This morning after my shower this stuff was coming off like dirt onto the towel!! It is very patchy now and I look like I have a weird skin pigmentation thing going on. I did apply it again after the shower to see if it can look as good as it did at the start.


  1. Maybe it's just my skin. I hope you have better luck with it but I'll keep on trying it until it's used up. At least it will have had a fair run lol!!

  2. I love glow lotions, but not the ones with self-tanner in them. Honestly, I've tried a half dozen self-tanning lotions and every one of them made me orange. So the best thing for me is to just use a lotion with a shimmer to it which gives my skin a pretty sheen without any obnoxious color. My favorite this year is called Glamour Girl and its all natural with essential oils--and it has shea butter which makes it actually good for the skin.



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