Friday, 17 April 2009

Girls Aloud Lashes

Well I had to follow the crowd and go straight to my local Superdrug to get these. My local Superdrug had all the lashes in stock so I got my pick of them all. I decided to get 2 sets and went for Nicola's (because she's my faveourite and a fellow paley) and Kimberley's (because I thought hers were the nicest). So here is my pic. I'll do a look with these soon and I'm planning to wear my faveourite ones to the concert in 10 days time. Is that too sad for a grown up? lol


  1. I look forward to seeing them on!! I like the Kimberly ones best :)

  2. Love the look of these - I can't decide which ones I like best though lol xxx

  3. I got the Kimberly, Nicole and cheryl.. and I have no clue how to put them on!!



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