Friday, 5 June 2009

My Favourite Eyeshadow Base

My favourite eyeshadow base is the Estee Lauder Stay in Place Eyeshadow Base. I prefer it to Urban Decay Primer Potion mostly because of the packaging. It comes in a jar (like a Paint pot) and is therefore easy to use and you can use up all of the product without risking losing a finger trying to open packaging with scissors. It costs £11.74 and is available online and at any Estee Lauder counter.

It applies very easily although if you have long nails it can be harder to get it out of the pot. I apply it with my ring finger. I follow it with a paint pot or a shadestick and then my shadow. It's probably unnessesary to use this base and a paint pot/shadestick for most people but I find this combo makes my eyemakeup stay put all day without any bother. It can even survive an afternoon nap lol!!

As you can see I have used quite a lot of this. It may even be a case of hitting pan very soon. How exciting!! I already have a back up in stock for the momentous moment when I come to the end of this lol!

I have never tried Too Faced Shadow Insurance but if I ever come across it in a shop I'll have to buy it and compare.

What is your fail safe way of getting your eye make up to stay?


  1. Right now I'm using Mac paint pots. Another is UDPP. I don't like Too Faced SI. It's too shear & greasy!

  2. @GiGi Thanks for the info. I'll probably give it a miss then. Stick to what I know is good.

  3. I love these too. I have the silver colour and the dark purple which are gorgeous on their own but also underneath shadows.

  4. MAC's Prep and Prime eye used to be my HG but i've started to use my paintpots instead now and i'm really noticing the difference.
    I might try the EL, is it expensive? xx

  5. @kerry It's £11.74 so not too bad. I find it does work well.



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