Friday, 10 July 2009

The Body Shop Shower Gel and Body Butter Review

I was lucky enough to be sent some Body Shop samples so I thought I'd start with some products that I have already been using.

I was sent some Moringa Shower Gel and as I already had the Moringa Body Butter I thought now would be the time to try them together. Last winter I fell in love with a Body Butter and Shower Gel but sadly it was limited edition and I only had bought one of each:( Time to find a worthy replacement.

I absolutely love both of these and I love the effect of the scent when you use the 2 together. I find that with the shower gel only the scent does not last long but with the body butter it lasts much longer. Last winter I loved loved loved having a shower or bath at night, slathering myself in my fave body butter and getting into my pjs. The smell lingered on the bed sheets and pjs for a few days after and I loved doing this so much. I have been doing this lately with the Moringa pair and the effect is just as good. This is one of my favourite forms of relaxation after a long day.

The shower gel starts at £2.40 for 60 ml and the body butter starts at £4.85 for 50ml. To be honest I think the shower gel is a bit too expensive for every day use so what I do is finish the bottle, then use a cheaper one for a while and then come back to the Body Shop one when I have bought a new one. The Body Butter is totally worth it and I think they have a sale on at the moment so they can be picked up pretty cheaply right now.

The best thing about the Body Butter is it's moisturising properties. This stuff is amazing and it's why I keep soming back to it. I suffer from very dry skin on my hands in winter. So much so that I can actually bleed around the knuckles on the backs of my hands. Add this to the constant handwashing I have to do both at home and at work and also the fact that I am too lazy to apply hand cream every (or even some) time and the fact that I hate the feel of washing my hands too soon after applying a hand cream and we have a problem and probably the reason for the bleeding.

Last winter I discovered a cure for this. I religiously applied my body butter every morning after a shower. I didn't use any other hand cream throughout the day and I still washed my hands as often as normal. I didn't specifically put any body butter on my hands but I rubbed in the little bits that get caught between my fingers, onto the backs of my hands. I swear this was the best thing I ever tried. I only had about 2 episodes of really dry knuckles all winter which is a miracle for me. Prior to this I would have had a couple of bleeding knuckles per week. Not pretty and sometines painful. If any of you suffer with dry hands I recommend this to you. Give it a try and see if it helps.

What are your favourite Body Butters? Do you like them?

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