Sunday, 19 July 2009

Swap Goodies from Jassydevil

Recently I arranged a make up swap with my Youtube and Blogger friend Jassydevil. You can check her out and subscribe here:

She is fab and I was so happy when I received my parcel. It came really quickly too:)

Here is what I got:

Ambre Solaire Sunscreen SPF 50. She heard me mention in one of my videos that I found it hard to get such a high SPF so she very kindly sent me this. I'll hopefully be able to use it next week on holiday (if the good old British weather lets me lol).

Essence eye shadow duo and a blusher. These are both lovely and of a brand I have never tried before. She also sent me an Astor mascara. I have heard of this brand but have never tried it before either.

This really cute tin of lipglosses. These are gorgeous and I just love this tin. This is perfect for throwing into my handbag to give me a choice of glosses. Often I'm in a rush in the mornings and leave my lips until I'm in work so this is perfect for that. The only downside of this is that I have to keep it away from my 4 year old daughter. She would absolutely love this:)

Next I got some Essence French Manicure tip guides. These are such a cool idea and great for achieving that perfect french manicure:) I also got the Essence concealer trio palette. This is amazing and I had seen this on a YT video and thought I'd love to try this. And now I can:) Also in this pic is the closed ligloss tin and finally an Essence toe nail polish. I didn't even know that such a product existed. This is really amazing stuff. Really pigmented and it does exactly what it says on the bottle. It claims to give good coverage with just one coat and here is the proof. How awesome is that? I have on a base coat followed by one coat of this and I was amazed at how well it covered. Added bonus that I love the colour. Blue is my favourite colour:)

Thanks Jazz for all my lovely goodies. It was great fun doing this swap:)


  1. great - I am glad you liked them! I was hoping you would like that toenail polish - I saw it and just thought of you straight away! It's actually specifically for toes and it has antibacterial properties as well - so let me know if that side of it works too :) Have a great time on your holiday xx

  2. what an amazing swap! Lucky girl. Lovely items!




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