Friday, 3 July 2009

Call the Makeup Police

I thought it would be interesting to find out what other people's "beauty crimes" are. I have a few which may be horrifying to some so if you are of a delicate nature then look away lol!

My biggest "crime" is using mascara way beyond the 3 months and probably even way beyond 6 months!! I don't see a problem with this as long as the mascara hasn't dried up and is still usable. I don't often have more than one mascara open at a time but each one seems to last a really long time for me. I only apply one layer normally and I don't wear it every day so it can last for ages. I have never had an infection from doing this.

I also use my clear lash and brow gel for longer than 3 months. I know this can be kept for longer if you only use it on brows but I actually use it on both brows and lashes. Shock horror!! Lol!!

I use all make up past it's use by date. I can remember the days when make up didn't have the use by time guidelines on them and am therefore of the school of thought that if it looks and smells ok then it probably is. I think these dates are just a way of the cosmetic companies getting us to part with even more of our hard earned cash. Anyway it takes me ages to use stuff up and if I were to throw everything away as soon as it's date was up there would be an awful lot of stuff to throw out.

Check out my video on my really old lipsticks.

So what are your make up crimes? Do you use make up that is past it's best? Do you keep using your mascara until it has dried up? Do you sleep with your make up on? Spill the beans here:)


  1. What a great post idea. My beauty crime is for sure keeping my makeup way past their expiry dates!b

  2. I often don't wash my face properly on the weekends and sleep in my make up - it's hard to be good when we are not home every weekend lol! I also use my mascara until it dries up, but mine don't last as long as yours do Jen lol - I use 2 coats normally and it's very rare that I go anywhere without at least mascara, powder and lipgloss lol.



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