Friday, 31 July 2009

FOTD with Body Shop Shimmer Cubes

As you know I was sent some items from The Body Shop to try. I have been using these Shimmer Cubes for about a week now and I have to say that they are amazing. The colour payoff is great, they last all day when applied on top of a good base and there is no fallout.

I have looked at these many times in The Body Shop and always passed on them. For one they are very expensive (£15.65) and for two the word "shimmer" kind of put me off. I'm a bit old really for too much shimmer but actually these aren't as shimmery as they sound iykwim. I would say they are on a par with Mac's frost finishes.

These are the shimmer cubes I was sent - Shimmer Cubes Palette 06 and each individual cube has a name. Starting from the top left we have 01 Honeycomb, 02 Dark Chocolate, 03 Marshmallow and 04 Choc Chip. My favourite from this palette is 01 Honeycomb and that is what I have on in my FOTD pic. It really goes well with my blue eyes and helps them stand out.

I have applied it on top of my HG eyeshadow base - Estee Lauder Doublewear Stay in Place Eyeshadow Base. These pics were taken towards the end of the day and the eyeshadow is still fresh looking.

What The Body Shop says about these

"This product contains:Marula Oil - Is a very effective moisturiser that also helps to condition the skin over time. Also provides essential fatty acids that help to repair the skin's moisture barrier, thus helping to restore moisture, smoothness and suppleness. Provides women in areas often struck by famine and droughts with the rare opportunity of regular work and income.
Marula oil comes from the marula tree, native to Southern Africa. The oil is rich in oleic acid, essential to the maintenance of healthy-looking skin. The Body Shop trades with the Eudafano Womens Cooperative in northern Namibia, which helps women in rural communities who have very few opportunities to earn money. The trade with our company has helped more than 750 women and their families to benefit from this traditional, yet underutilized natural resource."

The fact that these help women have regular work and income would make me consider buying these again.

At £15.65 I originally thought these were expensive but when you think that that is actually less than £4 per shadow then it actually is good value for money. Much cheaper than a Mac eyeshadow and I have bought plenty of them lol.

These shadows can also be used wet which makes them very versatile as more dramatic looks can be achieved this way.

Overall I would recommend these eyeshadows to anyone. They apply very easily and blend well. I am in love with mine at the minute:) Have you tried Shimmer Cubes? What do you think of them?


  1. This is a lovely look, and I agree these are good value basic products to have in the kit! I love them x

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