Friday, 13 May 2011

Who Knew?

That the business of fixing GHDs was so HUUUUGE or that it even existed?

I certainly didn't, until my hairdresser told me that GHD themselves would fix them.  I was telling her my sorry story of my husband dropping and breaking mine and she gave me this wonderful information.  As soon as I got home I checked the GHD website, only to be disappointed that, as mine were old (GHD3s) they were not repairing these any more.  

Not to be beaten I started Googling (how did we ever manage before Google etc?) and found a repair service locally.  There are lots of services out there that will repair them for £20.  All you have to do is send them off to the relevant company and they will fix them and return them.  I decided to go locally as this would mean a more speedy repair.  I emailed the guy late on Friday night and didn't expect to hear anything until the Monday.  However, when I got up on Saturday morning he had already replied to my email.  A sure sign of a great service me thinks.  I then phoned him to arrange a time and find out the exact location of his shop.  He gave me excellent directions and we agreed a time of 11am that same day.  

Off I went, slightly nervous that he might say that my precious GHDs were unfixable or that they were fake.  I had purchased them on eBay but I was quite sure they were genuine.  That didn't stop the doubt creeping in though.  I found the shop no problem and went in.  He took a look at them and told me that he had an arm that would suit but it was cracked.  It wasn't cracked all the way through though and he had repaired it and stuck his sticker over the top.  He had them fixed in a couple of minutes and charged me £10.  And voila .......

........ precious GHDs live to fight another day.  They are in great working order again and I am very happy with the result.  It was much better to spend £10 than to have to spend in and around £100.

My GHDs are 7 years old and I hope to get another few years out of them yet.

If you are unfortunate enough to break your GHDs too then definitely check out the repair services that are available everywhere.  Definitely worth it to save a few quid and much better for the environment too:)

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